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  What people say about the experience  

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“My experience in Mutum was ultimately special. The pure energy of the people of Mutum really cracked my heart wide open. This is an adventure that will stay with me for the rest of my life and I still feel a deep connection with the forest everyday!”


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"My visit to Mutum brought me a deep insight into the traditional community based culture. Working with their powerful medicines in the forest gave me incredibly deep insights of my path in life. Never before have I been welcomed with such love and integrity. Mutum has a place in my heart now and I can't wait for my next visit."


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”The journey to Mutum was amazing in so many ways. The Yawanawa people welcomed us in such a loving way and showed us all their medicines, songs and teachings. The group energy was really good and our guides Adam, Bastiaan and Flo took very good care of us and organised everything really well! The journey was magical and deeply changed my life!”



"For me the trip to the Yawanawa Tribe was like a miracle. In the first moment when the boat started in Rio Branco and a giant rain shower soaked us completely I could only cry with deep joy and a voice - maybe the voice of the jungle - said to me: here is your miracle, enjoy it from the bottom of my heart. And so it was. Like never before and in a miraculous way I was connected with my heart, into the sound, the smell and the vibration of the jungle and the tribe and its magic. It is like coming home..."


  Special moments captured by participants  

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