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Upcoming Retreats

Yawanawá Celebration Retreat +
Diet in Mutum

30th of March 2023 - 4th of May 2023


Dear Friends,


we are very happy to invite you on a mystical journey into the depth of the Amazonian Rainforest. We have specially arranged a NEW DATE for the diet so that we are able to create a smaller but more intimate group that allows us to dive deeper into the wisdom of the sacred medicines and study the rich culture of the Yawanawá tribe



Traditional Retreat - Diet at Yawanawa 30.3.-4.5.23 (optional shorter stay possible).

This might be the last group Hushahu Yawanawa will be receiving for quite some time.
This is a unique opportunity to be with, learn from, heal and laugh with the Yawanawá tribe. To study their rich culture and the way of working with the sacred medicines from the forest. This will be a journey in which we will travel deep into the Amazon and live within the Yawanawá village.

For more information visit our online-shop and download our program brochure.


The Yawanawa Tribe

The Yawanawá are the legal guardians of almost half a million acres of Brasilian Amazon. There are over 1,000 Yawanawá, living in 9 tribal villages along the Gregório River. The Yawanawá and their allies are dedicated to developing a model of sustainability that allows them to protect their lands and engage with the outside world on their own terms, without compromising their cultural and spiritual identity.

The tribe has been working tirelessly to increase territory, reinvigorate Yawanawá culture, and establish economically and socially empowering relationships with the outside world. They plant and hunt their own food and live in wooden houses, their pharmacy is the forest. Due to a history with missionaries, part of their culture got lost and devalued. However, today they recaptured a lot of their tradition and are very grateful and proud to be able to share this beautiful treasure. Yawanawá roughly translates to "people of the wild boar”.


The Program

December 2021

22. - Meeting up in Rio Branco at “Hostel Vivacre” in the morning:
Sharing circle and start journey to Tarauacá
23. – Arrival in Tarauacá, Last Shopping, Hotel Tarauacá
24. – Journey to Mutum by boat, Arrival in the evening in the village
25. – Ceremonies, Plantbaths, Hapè Initiation, Hapè and Uni preparation, Music and Stories, Body Painting and more.
31. - Kambo collecting, Excursion, Sharing Circles

January 2022

1. – Kambo in the morning, Last Sharing Circle in the evening.
2. – Journey back to Rio Branco – End of the journey.

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The Medicines

Rume (Rapé)
For the Yawanawá tribe Rume is the principal medicine. It's the medicine that gives security and that has the strongest healing power. Being with the Yawanawá one can really study this medicine and part of the study is to receive a Rume initiation. 

Sacred Tea 
Sacred Tea is the drink they have been using since their very beginning. It is the primary medicine used to connect you to what the Yawanawá call "the force”, the spiritual dimension present that we typically do not have access to. In the village the Sacred Tea is traditionally brewed fresh before a ceremony and we have the opportunity to accompany the process of preparation.

Sananga (Kanapa Vetxexeketi)
Sananga is a medicine, made from the bark of the root of a plant called Tabernaemontana genus. Sananga has various properties, it can help to heal the physical eye, improve eye sight, it can help to open the third eye and inner vision, it illuminates subconscious mind patterns, it can 'break' mental or emotional 'loops' and it is used to relieve headache.

Nipui plant baths

Plant baths are one of the practices of the Yawanawa tribe with a deep healing effect, a way to connect and to align oneself with various healing plants. Various plants are collected and we'll first receive the vapor in a small hut and will then be fully washed and rubbed by the 'tea', receiving the vibration, information and love of the plants present.

Urucum and Jenipapo body painting

These plants are used to pain the body, giving protection and the force of different animals and elements being painted. It's a way to introduce ourselves to the spirit world and also do they give physical protection.


Our Guides


Matsini Yawanawá
As a son of a shaman, Matsini Yawanawá grew up working with the medicines and learning about the spiritual path from very early age. His father taught him a lot and he was together with his sister Hushahu, also a very dedicated student of the great shaman Tatá. When he grew up he became the spiritual leader of the Village Mutum. And is currently the chief of Mutum. He is guiding many young Yawanawá people as well as not-native people into the culture, diets and spiritual studies of the Yawanawá with a lot of care and dedication. He is in full support of the women walking the spiritual path as well. He followed his vision and founded a diet center in Mutum where people can study, diet and retreat themselves and where many sacred medicines are growing. He has studied deeply and has a lot of knowledge. He knows to tell many stories, which are a way in the Yawanawá tradition to pass on teachings and spiritual keys. He is firmly grounded in the Yawanawá culture and as well embracing new ways of working. He loves music and brings beautiful new melodies while playing the guitar.

Rasu Yawanawá

Rasu is a young guardian and leader of the culture and spirituality of the Yawanawá tribe and Mutum. A grandson of the great shaman Tatá, with whom he learned and deepened his study in the native language. He went through various initiations and studies of the Yawanawá spirituality. He is very active in Mutum, leading the young people in maintaining and building the infrastructure, holding space for visitors, leading ceremonies, hunting, making medicines and protecting their territory. He is a father and a great musician. He is a collector of instruments with guitars, charango, ukulele, many flutes and drums. It is a great joy to be with and learn from him.

Besides Matsini and Rasu there will be many other tribe members present with their gifts, to share with us.


The Shaman Tatá Txanu Natasheni
Tatá is the spiritual leader of the Yawanawa tribe and passed away two years ago with the age of 104. More than a leader, the shaman was a brother of spirituality, and a great friend who always brought the sunshine, and the light of love, governed by the teachings of the
forest. Direct from the woods, the shaman lived a centenary of great wisdom, preserving the Yawanawá culture, as well as crossing the curves of the rivers and making the culture of the people of the Acre forest known worldwide, through the enchanting Yawa festival.
Tatá leaves a legacy of knowledge that is a true inspiration for the pursuit of balance and life in harmony. Although his physical body died, his spirit is still very present in the tribe, the ceremonies and in the forest.





To make your registration, please send an email to:




When you register you will receive an email with all the practicalities.


For those who wish to stay longer, there will be the possibility to join the 1 month “Seya” diet. A very profound traditional diet from the Yawanawá tradition guided by Matsini Yawanawá. There will be a separate invitation. Please let us know when you are interested.

There is a private group on Telegram to those who are interested in the journey. In the group you can ask questions and support each other, share information and rides to Brazil and Rio Branco. Please let us know if you are interested to be added.

We very much look forward to this journey and hope to share it with you!


With love,
Bastiaan Kamãvena & Adam First

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