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Shawadawa Rapé - Jaguar Force

Shawadawa Rapé - Jaguar Force

€42.00 Regular Price
€33.60Sale Price

Amount: 14grams


This rapé is made by the Shawadawa tribe in Brazil and is one of the strongest rapés that we carry. It is a very powerful rapé with a very masculine, yet earthy energy, and has spicy and peppery notes. This is one of the best rapés to use when you need something very strong, deeply cleansing, and purgative. It is especially great for cleansing any heavy energies/entities, blocked emotions, and intense mental activity.


This product is an incense and not meant for ingestion. We don't claim that this product has any healing properties.

If you resonate with this one and want to reserve it, you are welcome to contact us directly on Whatsapp/Telegram or place your order online >>

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