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Sananga (Kanapa Vetxexeketi)

Sananga (Kanapa Vetxexeketi)


Sananga is a medicine, made from the bark of the root of a plant called Tabernaemontana genus. Sananga has various properties, it can help to heal the physical eye, improve eye sight, it can help to open the third eye and inner vision, it illuminates subconscious mind patterns, it can 'break' mental or emotional 'loops' and it is used to relieve headache.

10ml bottles.

For bigger amounts or, buy 3 get 1 free (Contact us in private for receiving this gift).

How to use?

Close the eyes in sitting or laying position. Put 1 or 2 drops in each eye corner, open eyes slowly and relax, exhale, breath in and out.

The reaction will bring a contraction and a momentarily pain that will ease in some minutes.

How would you feel after?

It will leave you rejuvenated, relaxed eyes, refreshed, calm, present.

Traditionaly it was used for any head issues, pain, or mental disbalance.

Also can be beneficial for tierd eyes like after using a computer or a phone.

Could be used regularly with some periods of a break in between.

If you resonate with this one and want to reserve it, you are welcome to contact us directly on Whatsapp/Telegram or place your order online >>

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