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Huni Kuin Traditional Medicine Scarf

Huni Kuin Traditional Medicine Scarf

€150.00 Regular Price
€127.50Sale Price

Woven by hand by Huni Kuin artisan women of the Amazon rainforest.

Beautiful bright visionary designs representing the healing medicine songlines and patterns, plant medicines and animals, sacred geometry and astral travel.

This Scarf is made from a durable, thick 100% organic natural cotton fabric.

The art of sacred patterns are embroidered by hand, with love and intention, by members of the Huni Kuin tribe from Brazil.

They see and hear these geometric patterns, the designs depict the actual visions of these men and women while in ceremony with the plant medicine deep in the Amazon jungle.

Every design carries its own specific meaning. They reproduce the designs on various items to aid you in ceremonial and sacred sounding, with the significance of protection, healing, courage, wisdom, generosity, harmony, surrender or to attract abundance into your life.

The patterns are healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Your purchase is directly supporting their livelihood, and aiding in the preservation of culture through continuing to embroider in these sacred ways.

Our mission is to bring the healing vibrations of the living, breathing, potent jungle medicine of the Amazon to you in each piece we offer.

Haux Haux

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