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Traditional Bracelet

Traditional Bracelet


A one of a kind Huni Kuin bracelet, handmade by women from different villages of the Huni Kuin tribe who live by the Amazon Rainforest.

Each bracelet requires many days of concentration and devotion. These bracelets will protect and connect you to The Divine, to The Spirit and The Forest.

Each bracelet is in a single copy and is absolutely unique. Cannot be repeated. 

(To put it on rotate bracelet with water and soap).

"Art is very important to our people, because it is linked to our spirituality. Like the tepi, kuripe, the bracelets, the spears, everything is linked to spirituality, everything is linked to our culture, our tradition." - Hushahu

If you resonate with this one and want to reserve it, you are welcome to contact us directly on Whatsapp/Telegram or place your order online >>

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