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YawaYawa Finest Rapé from the Kuntanawa

YawaYawa Finest Rapé from the Kuntanawa

€42.00 Regular Price
€31.50Sale Price

This sublime Rapé from the Kuntanawa is a light sand brown colour, not grey and not true brown. The flavour is reministent of a warm indian spice (subtly so) though it is not hot on the sinuses.  It has an exquisitely sharp slicing initial hit that forces ones attention into focus.  Immediately following application there is eye watering, which can feel very cleansing for tired eyes! It is very uplifting & energising on ones being, a feeling of soaring like an eagle yet with a simultaneous sense of connection, receptivity and focus without any heavy body load.

If you resonate with this one and want to reserve it, you are welcome to contact us directly on Whatsapp/Telegram or place your order online >>

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