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Finest Rapé Apurinã (Green, no tobacco).

Finest Rapé Apurinã (Green, no tobacco).

€42.00 Regular Price
€33.60Sale Price

Amount: 14grams


This green Rapé produces a beautiful, yet sometimes mild effect, with the traditional green jungle overtones. The scents of the forest blend together to create one of the finest of Rapé's. A deeply pleasant aroma with a fresh and heightened awareness. Apurina generally is made with Awiri, a special green tobacco that grows wild along the rivers. Because it grows close to the river this Rapè can only be made in the dry season and for that reason is quite rare and special. The tobacco is not fermented nor heated to grind it, so it is considered a raw, living Rapé.


This product is an insence and not meant for ingestion. We don't claim that this product has any healing properties.

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