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Shaneihu - Kanaro Yawanawa

Shaneihu - Kanaro Yawanawa

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This Rapé was made by the spiritual leader Shaneihu Yawanawa, which is the son of the leader Nixiwaka. Shaneihu contributed tremendously to the spirituality of the Yawanawa tradition by being one of the first people to play a guitar and composed many memorial melodies to different chants (Saitis).

Kanaro rapé relaxes and calms down the mind, opens the heart. And same as tuning a guitar, it helps to tune our body, soul and spirit. It is a grounding and relaxing rapé that can be taken during the day or night.

The Yawanawa tribe live along the Gregoria river in the Amazons of Acre, Brazil. Shamanism is a very important part of their culture, honoring the medicine plants and those who know how to work with them deeply. They say that Rapé is their most important medicine. Rapé gives them protection, enables them to enforce their prayers, and they say that Rapé is the biggest healer. When somebody is sick, the shaman would receive a Rapé and the Rapé would enable the shaman to heal the person.


14gr (28ml)

For bigger amounts, contact us.

This product is incense and not meant for ingestion. We don't claim that this product has any healing properties.

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